Practice Areas

Business Litigation

We are well versed in handling all phases of litigation including the filing of appropriate pleadings, discovery, depositions, trials, and appeals. Our legal and business experience is diverse and expansive, encompassing corporate transactions, real estate transactions, and business operations. Our policy is to provide each client involved in litigation with a realistic evaluation of the merits of the case and to craft a litigation plan to achieve agreed upon objectives.

When litigation is necessary, we can bring together the talent, personnel, and resources that are required to achieve the best possible result. We handle actions involving enforcement of creditors’ rights, including collection actions, judicial foreclosures of real property, enforcement of judgments, claims against guarantors and sureties, and actions to enforce personal property security instruments under Article 9 of the Commercial Code.

We represent clients involved in all types of business disputes including those involving corporate and partnership dissolutions, breach of contract actions, business fraud, unfair business practices, false advertising, copyright and trademark violations, claims against officers and directors, and claims arising out of government contracts.

Real Estate

We assist clients with buying, selling, financing, development, leasing, and construction of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We help individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations with the structuring and documentation of all types of real estate transactions. We also handle complex tax, land use, and environmental matters.

Retail & Commercial Collections

  • Our commercial and retail collections practice includes:
  • Foreclosures
  • Bankruptcy
  • Replevins
  • Evictions
  • Mechanic Liens
  • Civil Litigation related to these areas

Our services cover all phases of the collections process, from pre-suit dunning through post-judgment and representation in bankruptcy proceedings. We pride ourselves on obtaining high debt liquidation ratios while giving our clients significant personal attention.

We provide our clients with access to state of the art technology and customized monthly status reporting including detailed recovery analysis. We obtain and verify asset information by examining credit reports, property records, court filings, and other sources.

Our staff uses the latest technology available to locate debtors and assets. If these standard remedies do not result in liquidation of the account, we can seamlessly pursue collection strategies through judicial mechanisms.

To ensure efficiency, virtually all logistical steps in the legal process, including production of demand letters, complaints, garnishments, and liens, are fully computerized. Our goal is to recover a greater percentage of our client’s assets including, where available, pre- and post-judgment interest, court costs, and attorney fees.